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Vacation Bible School 2012

Listen! God is Calling

This year’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) program is Listen! God Is Calling. It is an original and locally-designed program highlighting
familiar Bible Stories telling how God calls us all to do important things out of our love for God and one another. One of our important ministries to our
youth and neighborhood young people is VBS.

This year’s program will introduce the God-pod. It will also feature the always popular decorating of the Jesus Trees.

Grace’s 2012 VBS program will be held June 24-29. An evening meal will be offered at 5:30. Opening exercises begin at 6:05, followed by music,
classroom activities, crafts and recreation.

Teachers, music leaders, craft coordinators, recreation leaders and helpers are needed. It’s not too early to volunteer by signing-up on the volunteer list
posted on the narthex bulletin board. For a detailed schedule or to discover more about volunteering, please contact this year’s VBS Director, Pastor Rice.

Listen! God Is Calling

Monday: Moses Talks with a Burning Bush
Tuesday: Samuel Hears a Voice in the Night
Wednesday: Jesus’ Calls Some Fishermen
Thursday: Saul Answers a Call from Heaven
Friday: God Is Calling You


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