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Vacation Bible School 2011

Jesus Loves Me! This I know

Just as surely as winter turns into spring and springtime leads to summer, so summer brings the joys of
Vacation Bible School. This year’s VBS program is Jesus Loves Me! This I Know. It is an original
and locally-designed program highlighting the wonderful life and promises of Jesus. The week will
abound with holiday cheer and goodwill as students, teachers and helpers rediscover Jesus’ life-giving
and life-affirming love for them and all people.

Grace’s 2011 VBS program will be held June 20-24. An evening meal will be offered at 5:30. Opening
exercises begin at 6:15; followed by music, classroom activities, crafts and recreation and decorating the
Jesus Tree.

Teachers, music leaders, craft coordinators, recreation leaders and helpers are needed. It’s not too early
to volunteer. For a detailed schedule or to volunteer, please contact this year’s VBS Director, Pastor

Jesus Loves Me! This I Know.
Monday: Merry Christmas!—Love Is Born
Tuesday: Happy Valentine’s Day!—Jesus Loves the Little Children
Wednesday: Good Friday Blessings!—No Greater Love
Thursday: Happy Easter!—Love Is Alive
Friday: Love Today!—and Everyday

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